Union Agriculture Group is the

leading agriculture business

operating in Uruguay


Union Agriculture Group, UAG, is the leading agriculture business operating in Uruguay. We manage a unique portfolio of agricultural land in Uruguay with diversified agricultural operations including soybeans, wheat, sorghum, barley, corn, rice, dairy, cattle and sheep. Through our vertical integration we are participating in the benefits of the entire value chain.

We have a strong management team with a unique combination of experience, which allows us to apply a diversified business model benefiting from operating efficiencies and economies of scale. By combining our management´s experience and operational knowledge with state-of-the-art agricultural techniques and systems, we have created a hard-to-replicate agricultural production platform in Uruguay.


  • We organize our operations by productive regions that share technical resources, machinery and equipment. Each region works independently while at the same time benefits from synergies with other regions, with continuous reporting to our headquarters. We impose controls on our costs of operations by managing all planning, hiring, purchasing and selling activities centrally from our headquarters in Montevideo.

  • We operate our properties with high standards of efficiency, which we believe will make us a profitable and low-cost producer and enhance our position in the agricultural sector in South America. We developed an in-house comprehensive management information system, which records real time farming activities and is coupled with SAP systems for ensuring corporate governance and adequate financial management.

  • To ensure that our products meet a high standard that distinguishes us in the international market, we intend to continue using sustainable farming practices that comply with applicable environmental regulations, ensure crop rotations throughout the year, maximize efficient water use and minimize soil degradation.

  • Our vertical integration with Granosur (grain trading and silo-plants), Casarone (rice trading and milling), Kaizen Cargo (truck´s transportation) and Tecnomaq (agricultural contractor), allow us to extend operations from the farm gate across the whole value chain to a finished, loaded and commercialized product.

  • As part of our environmental and sustainability strategy we implement a strict environmental management system. This management system incorporates the ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001 framework and practices positioning the company well on track to get those certifications and enabling us to achieve superior environmental and social performance.
    Environmental and social policy

  • The secret of our Company is to achieve its goals, complying with ethics and moral standards. UAG´s workers guarantees the success of our company and represents the most valuable human capital.
    Codigo de etica
    Politica social y de medio ambiente



We raise primarily British cattle breeds (Angus and Hereford) for good beef quality and high breeding performance, combined with Braford for terminal crossbreeding for efficient fattening. Applying a rotational grazing system we produce cattle in a very efficient way, supplementing our cattle with hay or grains throughout the winter and using our feedlots to finish fattening ensuring high prices for our beef.


Our main herd is of the Australian Merino breed, combined with Merino Dohne for terminal crossbreeding. Australian Merino breed allows us to produce high-quality wool with medium fineness (21.5 microns), produced over natural pastures and exported for different textile products. Merino Dohne crossing allows us to sell high quality lamb, produced over artificial pastures and exported to most exigent markets.


We select the best soils for producing summer crops (soybean, sorghum, corn) and winter crops (wheat, barley), applying a rotational system that prevent from erosion and soil degradation, ensuring sustainable high yields. We adjust technology for each individual lot of a farm, selecting different crops and varieties, besides adjusting fertilizing and agrichemical technology.


Some of our farms have deep soil with high clay concentration and abundant water for irrigation, we are dedicating this area to rice production under irrigation in rotation with artificial pastures.


Union Agriculture Group is managed by a complementary team of highly experienced professionals. We include in our team more than 100 agricultural specialists, with unparalleled know-how and technical knowledge.

Juan Sartori

Founder and Executive Chairman of Union Group, which operates in Latin America across the agriculture, energy, forestry, infrastructure, minerals, oil & gas and real estate sectors.

Oscar Costa

Director of Union Agriculture Group.

Oscar León

Director of Union Agriculture Group Corp.

José Pedro Sanchez

CEO of Union Agriculture Group.

Mariano Durán

Production Manager of Union Agriculture Group.

José Ausqui

CFO of Union Agriculture Group.